New Essay

My essay, "Fury," was recently published in Issue 32 of Blue Mesa Review. "Fury" was a finalist in the 2015 Summer Nonfiction contest, judged by Wendy Ortiz, and appears in the issue with the  prizewinning essays by Sue William Silverman and Tom Pyun. In addition to striking fiction and poetry, the issue also contains interviews with prose writer Debra Monroe and poet Natalie Scenters-Zapico. Blue Mesa Review, the literary journal of The University of New Mexico, publishes work and art that engages the stark reality of our world. In the introduction to Issue 32, Editor-in-chief Brenna Gomez writes, "I can’t promise you comfort or healing, but this beautiful collection of sometimes dark work reflects the world we now live in. These pieces are meant to be read and felt now."


Blue Mesa Review also features contemporary art in each issue and pairs each image with a piece of writing. I was honored to have my essay coupled with this amazing painting by artist, graphic designer, and musician Eric Guenette. Details below.

"United Citizens" 2015 - Artist: Eric Guenette

60"x 36" Mixed media and canvas (framed)

To view more artwork by Eric Guenette, visit his art page, where he has several paintings, including "United Citizens," for sale.